Boston Facilities Department – Long Island Campus Assessments

The City of Boston Public Health Commission’s Long Island campus served various recovery programs and provided housing for the homeless. In 2014, the City closed the island because the bridge, which provided access to the island, was closed by MassDOT due to structural issues. The buildings on this campus have been abandoned now for over 4 years. The City of Boston has undertaken a building conditions assessment program to determine current conditions and what would be required to repair and reopen the various buildings for public use.

DAI’s Structural Engineering division is providing Project Management and Structural Engineering services for the Long Island Campus Facilities Condition Assessments. This project involves architectural and multidisciplinary engineering professionals to evaluate the current conditions of 16 buildings, and associated sites, for the Boston Public Health Commission’s campus on Long Island in Boston Harbor. This project will result in a comprehensive conditions assessment report, which will include recommendations to repair the various facilities, along with construction cost estimates. This project began in September 2018 and is currently on-going.

Our team led the inspections and inspected the exterior brick masonry walls, windows, doors, sealants, and structural balconies and fire escapes on all 16 buildings. Areas of structural distress and water infiltration were observed and documented in the assessment report, and items requiring immediate attention were brought to the City’s attention.

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