The Inova Loudoun Medical Services Building, developed by Foulger-Pratt of Maryland, is located on the Lansdowne Campus. The primary objectives for the building were to develop a structure and layout that would support highly technical healthcare tenants as well as be cost effective to construct and maintain. It consists of 100,000 square feet and accommodates approximately 50,000 square feet of hospital outpatient activities. These activities include a Cancer Care Center, Cardiovascular Center with catheterization capabilities, an Ambulatory Surgery Center, and a Physical Medicine and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center. The remaining space within the building accommodates physician suites.

A component of future planning called for relocating Loudoun’s off-campus Cancer Center in Sterling, Virginia to the Lansdowne Campus. The Mary Elizabeth Miller Radiation Oncology Center became the first tenant of the new five-story Medical Office Building (MOB).

The Peripheral Arterial Disease Clinic is located on the first floor of the new Medical Office Building and is comprised of both the PAD Clinic and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.

Inova Loudoun Hospital decided to create a distinctive Ambulatory Surgery Center on the second floor of the new MOB. The project required 26,000 square feet to accommodate eight (8) operating rooms and the required support spaces.

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation/Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation center is part of ILH’s Ambulatory Services Department. It was relocated from the existing professional services building to the fifth floor of the MOB. Their new space encompasses an expanded pediatric gym; a conference room and library for patients and parents of the pediatric patients.

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