MidState Medical Center worked with DAI on their Master Facilities Plan (MFP) for their Meriden, Connecticut campus.

The typical dilemma with studies of this sort is how to achieve the objectives and goals in the context of a financial, physical, and human resource limitations. To meet this challenge, all resources must be fully and efficiently utilized, and our approach outlines development options and identifies the one option that will maximize the value of available resources value of available resources.

DAI created the Project Vision based on the organization’s goals and priorities, the Vision Statement and Guiding Principles. This information provided a link between the strategic plan and the supporting capital plan that validated or informed our decisions throughout the planning process. After a lengthy process, there were several opportunities that were identified. These included: Pharmacy, Inpatient Psych, Vertical Expansion, Birthing Center, Operating Room, Gastrointestinal, Laboratory and the Cafeteria.

DAI provided three viable options to MidState for the potential relocation and reconfiguration of departments on their campus to make for a more efficient flow. This task was accomplished through a series of meetings in which the team discussed various master plan options and expanded in depth upon the most feasible alternatives. Throughout the process the DAI team challenged current practices and considered emerging practices. The DAI team designed for the need for flexibility in future care delivery models.

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