Town of Bellingham Senior Center

DAI has been contracted to provide review of the existing Senior Center facility in Bellingham, MA, and recently completed feasibility, design improvements to accommodate future needs, and to work with Committee members for programming planning.

DAI’s design team started the project with a visioning session with key staff of the committee to identify and prioritize the goals for the project. The main goals are to improve and expand office spaces, to renovate and expand the existing warming kitchen into a commercial kitchen, and to create a more welcoming environment to attract seniors to use the facility. DAI contacted several commercial kitchen vendors to provide a budget, and to identify the HVAC and electrical needs for the equipment. The proposed project includes: an 800 square feet renovation and addition of the kitchen, a 400 square feet addition creating two new shared offices/conference rooms, replacement of the existing ceiling and flooring in the Lobby, installing built-in cabinetry for storage and coffee station, and re-configuration of the work stations in the administration area and the reception/registration desk. New exterior glazed sliding doors are also proposed for the Lobby and multi-purpose rooms to encourage users to use the outdoor space.

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