DAI worked with Winchester Hospital on two laboratory projects. One is located at the hospital’s main campus in Winchester, MA, and the second in West Cummings Park in Woburn, MA. These laboratory renovations were necessary to keep in step with Winchester Hospital’s commitment to improve patient care in the community.

The first project, the off-site Winchester Hospital Core Laboratory, consists of upgrades to improve quality, safety, workflow and testing capacity to best serve current and future demands for laboratory testing. Project elements for this 13,000 square foot lab include an entire renovation with new lab benches and work counters and the relocation of current equipment to improve staff work flow and efficiency. This project is uniquely intricate because all staff and laboratory functions were required to remain operational throughout the entire construction process. As a result, this project was completed in multiple phases. Lab functions for this satellite include Cytology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Diagnostics, and Hematology.

The second laboratory project, the Winchester Hospital Rapid Response Laboratory, located at the hospital’s Main Campus, consisted of expanding testing activity into the immediately adjacent 5,380 square foot suite and renovating the space to provide a continuous testing space. In addition, implementation of full lab automation in chemistry and the application of Lean workflow processes for all testing departments were implemented. The completed renovation enhances work-flow for current testing and improves safety for employees, as well as providing sufficient capacity for continued test volume growth in the future with the implementation of the automation system. Similar to the Core Laboratory, the Rapid Response Laboratory also required careful phasing to ensure that staff was able to perform work functions while construction was underway.

  • Categories
  • Completion Date
  • Square Footage
  • Construction Cost
    $3 Million

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